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Hey, shake a leg! (Hey, shake a leg!)
It's Mr. Greg (It's Mr. Greg)
And he's here to spend his dough all over the town.
He's got the bucks.

I've got the bucks.
It's all deluxe.
It's all deluxe.
When you're dining out with me, it's the finest steak and brie.

And if I break a table
It ain't no-- whoa!
(Just bill it to my bank.)
A hundred bucks? Gee, thanks!

I must admit...
You must admit.
It's a perfect fit!
You look great in it!

And those fountains I found wasteful are actually quite tasteful.
This city's got its charm, unlike that termite ridden barn,
and any time with Steven makes for a delightful evenin'!

You're having fun!
More or less...
So dance with me! Just say--
No! I mean maybe later.
Boo! You ruined the song!

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